Call for Papers

The American Railway Engineering and Maintenance-of-Way Association (AREMA) invites all interested parties to submit Papers on subjects of interest to the railway engineering community to be considered for publication and/or presentation at the AREMA Annual Conference.

While all submissions on relevant railway engineering topics are welcomed, the following topics have been identified as being of current interest to membership:

Current Interest Topics

Important Presenter/Author Dates & Deadlines

 December 11, 2020
 Abstracts, bios and Call for Papers due
 Mid February, 2021
 Authors notified
 Mid February, 2021
 Authors confirm their participation
 May 7, 2021
 Paper due for review
 June 4, 2021
 PowerPoint presentation due for review
 July 2, 2021
 Final documents due to publication
 August 6, 2021
 Presenter Registration Deadline
 September 26-29, 2021
 AREMA 2021 Annual Conference