Suitcasing / Outboarding Policy Statement

Show Management has mandated increased measures to protect exhibitors from suitcasing during the AREMA 2024 Annual Conference & Expo.  This practice takes away from their exhibit space investment and undermines our industry. Our rules and regulations strictly prohibit solicitation, “suitcasing” or “outboarding” by attendees who conduct business at the AREMA 2024 Annual Conference & Expo, in the Kentucky International Convention Center and who are not exhibiting at the event. 

What are suitcasing and outboarding?

Suitcasing refers to non-exhibiting companies or persons who solicit business in the aisles during the exhibition or in other public spaces, including another company's booth or a hotel lobby.

Outboarding refers to non-exhibiting companies or persons that set up exhibits at off-site locations such as hotel hospitality suites. 

No Suitcasing / Outboarding Policy 

Please note that while all meeting attendees are invited to the Expo, any attendee who is observed to be soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces, in another company’s booth, or in violation of any portion of the AREMA 2024 Annual Conference & Expo, will be asked to leave immediately. Additional penalties may be applied. Please report any violations you may observe to Show Management at the Registration Desks. Show Management recognizes that suitcasing may also take the form of commercial activity conducted from a hotel guest room or hospitality suite, a restaurant, club, or any other public place of assembly. All meetings, off-site events and activities directed toward AREMA registrants by exhibitors and/or registrants during show hours must be authorized by AREMA.

What Show Management Will Do

AREMA Show Management will respond to all complaints regarding suitcasing or outboarding.  If Show Management deems that a person or company is suitcasing or outboarding, they will be asked to leave the premises immediately (with no refund) and a letter will be sent to the company’s leader notifying them of this offense. Other penalties can include being barred from future trade shows (for a period of time) as an attendee or exhibitor. 

If you suspect suitcasing, please contact to file a complaint or visit the main registration area.